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    We’re confident you’ll be stoked on your new pair of Fairweathers. Test drive them two weeks and if you’re not impressed, return them for a full refund.

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  • Do you know where your wood comes from?

    Check out Trees to Skis, a video by Luc Mehl to see how we turn the local forest into your next ride!

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  • Wild, Alaska Adventure!

    In April 2015, the Fairweather Ski Works team traversed the 150 mile Chugach Range of Alaska. Check out the trip report and watch Anchorage filmmaker Luc Mehl’s video about the trip.

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Wild, Alaska Skis!

We delight in shaping the local forest into aesthetically pleasing boards capable of conquering the ruggedest of mountains! That connection is what drives us to handcraft unique, sustainable, and well-crafted skis and splitboards in the small town of Haines, Alaska.

Trees to Skis

Every Fairweather ski began as nothing but a young seedling. Check out our trees to skis blog to see how we transform locally harvested timber into your sweet new ride!

Sea to Summit

Our Mountain Goats team has been busy in the Alaska wilderness. Check out our adventures page to see where your Fairweathers can take you!

may not be the best word to describe the Northern tip of Southeast Alaska. Its a place where pacific ocean spawns that slam into the highest coastal mountains on earth. Since time immemorial, this land has had a powerful impact on people. At the turn of the 19th century, mountaineers began to tackle the highest peaks along the coast. Today, Haines is recognized as a Mecca, where skiers and boarders flock to the snow covered peaks by foot, boat, snowmachine, fixed wing and chopper. Local heli-ski SEABA and Alaska Heliskiing whisk skiers from the valley bottoms to the spine covered peaks of their dreams within minutes. Fixed wing pilots Fly Drake and Mountain Flying Service drop adventurous groups on remote tidewater glaciers. Competitions such as the 2016 Freeride World Tour draw the most extreme skiers on the planet to our challenging slopes. A solid group of local and visiting backcountry skiers enjoy quality turns year round in the upper Lynn Canal. Its a place where people of all stripes congregate to pay homage to the mountains.

Its somewhere in this vast wilderness playground that Fairweather Ski Works calls home. We are a small, independent ski company committed to quality design, unique asthetics, and maximum skiing pleasure. We invite you to experience the slopes of Haines or anywhere else in the world on a pair of locally harvested, handcrafted skis. We pride ourselves in being Alaskas premier ski company and are focused on building skis for the people while minimizing our impact on the environment, supporting the local economy, and encouraging a vibrant mountain culture in our little corner of Northern Southeast Alaska.

  • When a tree falls in the forest...

  • ...We recycle it!

    Presenting our local salvaged wood topsheets. Beautiful, sustainable, and unique. Now on every Fairweather ski and board.

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