Chilkoot – 115mm

When the storm breaks, grab the Chilkoots and head to the hills! The workhorse of the Fairweather fleet, the Chilkoot is a stout, mid-fat design loaded with spruce, birch and carbon fiber for everyday backcountry use or powder days at the resort.


Big Teeth – 121mm

Inspired by the snow plastered peaks after a multi-week blizzard from the gulf, Big Teeth is dedicated to those laying down the first set of tracks.


All Mountain

2016 Rippinski – 99mm

The Rippinskis are out of stock. You can place a preorder for the completely redesigned 2018 Rippinski which feature a slick  new shape, construction and graphics!



2016 Sockeye – 110mm

There’s salmon in these skis! And not just in the original, hand-printed Sockeye gyotaku fish print by local Haines artist, Lindsay Johnson, but in the core itself. Salmon play a critical role in Southeast Alaska’s forest ecosystem as their nitrogen-rich corpses are consumed by the forest after spawning. Throw your bindings on a pair of Fairweather Sockeyes and take these fishies to heights that would make a king salmon jealous.

$949 Sale $854

Coho – 108mm

New for 2018, the Coho is a nimble lightweight backcountry ski that tours as easy as it shreds.



Fairweather Custom Skis

Want to build your dream ride? Fairweather Ski Works specializes in custom skis! You can design your own graphics or swap your favorites from any Fairweather model to the ski or board that best suits your riding style. If thats not wild enough for you, we can design and build a ski from the ground up to suit your skiing and aesthetic style. You can even build your own in one of our ski building workshops. Contact us for more info!

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